Fort Portal Bird Watching Experience

Fort Portal Bird Watching Experience

Uganda is rich in different bird species, the richest in Africa indeed. 1060 have been so far recorded, a remarkable density in a country as small as Uganda. This walk will give you an introduction into the variety of bird-life in a western Ugandan setting. Learn from a specialized guide how to identify the different birds, their calls and their habits.

During the walk you will visit the three spots, where birds find their home, even though the city is just around them.
Gardens of Eden Bird Sanctuary is a peaceful campsite and sanctuary, conserving part of the Mpanga River with its water meadow. Birds occurring in this area are the Malachite Kingfisher and the Hammerkop which is named after its characteristic shaped head. In the bushes and trees of the site you can spot weavers nesting.

The next station of our walk is the RuwenZori View Guest House. It is a well known guesthouse founded in 1996, overlooking pastures which are frequented by the Grey-Crowned Crane, as well as 60 other recorded species of birds including the Ross’s Turaco. Also 8 different species of the colourful sunbirds are buzzing around.

As the last station of the walk, you will visit the Tooro Botanical Garden, which was founded to conserve the flora of the Albertine Rift Valley. There are more than 100 different bird species roaming around its gardens, marshes and tree stands. Next to small species like flycatchers and sunbirds, there is a pair of Palm-Nut Vultures nesting in a stand of huge eucalyptus-trees.

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